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24763ZuoAn gate 02

24764ZuoAn gate 03

24765ZuoAn gate 04

24766Xuanwu gate 03

24767Zhengyang Gate 正陽門 06

24785Hedda Morrison1941

24786Hartung Photoshop


24788Louise Crane's Book

24789Louise Crane's Book bis

24790Qu Yanbin 01

24791Qu Yanbin 02

24792Qu Yanbin 03

24793Shop signs of Peking

24794Shop signs of Peking.




25127Bandeau Easl

26262Travelers on camel
33949Anding gate 05

33950Anding gate 06

33951Desheng gate 04

33952Desheng gate 05

33953Desheng gate 06

33954Dongbian gate 03

33955Dongbian gate 04

33956Dongzhi gate 07

33957Guangqu gate 04

33958Guangqu gate 05

33959Zhengyang Gate 正陽門 021924

33960Zhengyang Gate 正陽門 031924

33961Zhengyang Gate 正陽門 031924

33962Zhengyang Gate 正陽門 041924

33963Zhengyang Gate 正陽門 051924

33965YouAn gate 08

33966YouAn gate 09

33967ZuoAn gate 05

34679Funeral procession

34680Street view

34681Street view

34682Beijing train station

34683Jiang Jieshi's portrait on the entrance to the Forbidden City

34684Beijing under snow

34685Street view of Beijing under snow

34686Bridal chair on its way

34687Bridal chair on its way

34688Street view from above

34689Funeral procession

34690Aerial view of the Forbidden City

34691Street peddler

34692Men enjoying tea at the Forbidden City

34693Aerial view of a Beijing street

34694Street cloth peddler

34695Portrait of Jiang Jieshi on Tian'anmen Gate

34696Beijing drugstore

34697Beijing drugstore

34698View of the southeastern corner of Beijing1945-1949

34699Beijing canal and city wall1945-1949
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