Research Group

Principal investigator: FENG Yi, Institut d'Asie Orientale, CNRS

Platform design and development: Gérald Foliot, TGE-Adonis, CNRS

Web design: Caroline Tabacchi, contract staff, Institut d'Asie Orientale (August-December 2010)


This project is open to external contributions. If you are interested in contributing to Virtual Beijing, please contact Ms. Feng Yi.


  • Cyrielle Guénard: GIS intern (May-August 2012)
  • Caroline Tabacchi: GIS Intern (Apr.-July. 2010)

Technical Support

Main development:

  • Gérald Foliot: GIS System Administrator & Web Programming (TGE-Adonis)
  • Isabelle Durand: GIS Specialist (since Feb. 2008) (IAO)
  • Caroline Tabacchi: Web graphic design

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