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The collection of Beijing maps is made up of digital versions of maps collected from various collections all over the world, mostly in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and China. The original repository of each original map is indicated in the metadata. The Virtual Beijing digital map repository includes more than 50 items. The online version of these maps does not allow reproduction except for the maps that are copyright-free or that we own.


We georeferenced a few maps of Beijing to serve as a basis for the processing of historical data. Georeferenced original historical maps and topical maps produced by Virtual Beijing are available for real-time use under the Live maps menu. More historical and thematic maps will be added as the project unfolds.


The Historical GIS Dataset of Urban Cultures in Republican Beijing project has generously shared with us its exceptional database of GIS datasets. This research project aims at examining the spatial patterns of modern urban cultural change in China. The object of observation is set in this project at the Beijing city from the advent of the Republican era in 1912 to the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War in 1937. We geratfully acknowledge the contribution of Prof. Billy K. L. So 苏基朗 (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and his team, and appreciate their generosity and support for collaborative scholarlship. They set a major and significant example of the value of digital scholarship.


Virtual Beijing has no intention to infringe upon the rights of the institutions that own the original maps presented here. Applications for digital reproduction of the maps should be addressed to the relevant institutions. In case any institution feels such rights may have been violated, please contact us immediately.

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