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TitleA souvenir of Peking
Book ID1655
Author(s)Drew, Dora May; Drew, Edward Bangs
Publication typePrint
Number of pages28
CommentsSouvenir album of 28 photographic prints compiled by Dora May Drew, daughter of Edward Bangs Drew, commissioner of customs in the Chinese Maritime Customs Service. Includes views of the Forbidden City, street scenes, the British and American legations, and various sites in Peking's Western Hills district.
Dora May Drew was the daughter of Anna and Edward Bangs Drew. She was born in Shanghai in 1877 and lived in China before returning to the United States to attend school in Massachusetts. In 1900 she married Irving Babbitt, a social and literary critic, philosopher, and professor of French literature at Harvard University. They had two children.

Edward Bangs Drew (1843-1924) joined the Chinese Maritime Customs Service in 1864 after earning his BA degree from Harvard.  In 1868, Drew was appointed a Commissioner of the Service, a position he held for decades. During that time he collected photographs that document clothing, customs, and daily life in 19th century China, as well as Drew’s life and career, including family and social gatherings, public appearances, and events and ceremonies.

A copy of the original photographs and albums in the Edward Bangs Drew Collection is located at the Harvard-Yenching Library, Harvard University (see URL below). Provenance of the present digital copy unknown.
Keywords (en)China; Beijing; landscape; building; palace; forbidden city; temple; legation; bridge; Qianmen; city wall
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