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ID: 1709

Chinese spatial strategies : imperial Beijing, 1420-1911

Year: 2004

Type: Book

Author(s): Zhu, Jianfei

Language: English

Keywords: Beijing


ID: 1879

Lao yuefen pai guanggao hua《老月份牌广告画》 Old calendar Poster advertisement pictures, Hansheng No.61

Year: 1994

Type: Book

Author(s): Zhang,Yanfeng,张燕风

Language: Chinese

Keywords: Poster calender


ID: 2132

Localities at the center : native place, space, and power in late imperial Beijing

Year: 2005

Type: Book

Author(s): Belsky, Richard D.

Language: English


ID: 1930

Yinqian hanghao zhuce yi lan biao 銀錢行號註冊一覽表

Year: 1925

Type: Book

Language: English


ID: 2137

‘National city, human city: the reimagining and revitalisation of Beiping, 1928-1937’

Year: 2005

Type: Journal article

Author(s): Dryburgh, Marjory

Language: English

Keywords: urban; social; architecture

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