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Original title北平市交通圖 (一)
Document ID240
TransliterationBeiping shi jiaotong tu (yi)
Alternative original title(Traffic map of Peking)
CollectionVirtual Beijing
Digitized fileYes
Map typeSource maps
Size30 x 26 cm
Map supportPaper original
CommentsThis map is drawn from a report by the Peking municipal government: Beiping shi tongji lanyao (北平市統計覽要), Beiping shi zhengfu mishuchu diyi ke tongji gu, (Peking), n. pub., 1936. The map shows the state of public transportation in the municipality. The caption reads (from to right): - 電車路線 (below: line 1, line 2, line 3, line 4, line 5, line 6) - 土路 - 石碴路 - ??青路 - 鐵路 - 區界

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10/63 results        
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